Like many artists unfortunately most of the exhibitions I was due to participate in this year have been cancelled. One of the exhibitions included a children’s bird making workshop which provided a chance for the public to contribute to an interactive sculpture/installation of 3D flying birds. Visitors to the exhibition could be involved by constructing a bird during their visit to the gallery, hopefully to return during the course of the show to follow the growth of the sculpture. The aim was to connect with the local community creatively and for them to be part of something bigger than themselves.

With the current state of our world, the concept of attending an exhibition or a workshop has had to be re-thought, so I have adapted this creative project to still involve and engage people regardless of the fact that we are all isolating in our homes. I have had to make it virtual…hence the birth (or hatching) of ‘The Freedom Bird Project’


A PDF document of a bird stencil will be made freely available to anyone that would like to participate. They can print it from home, follow the instructions on how to make the bird, using their own creativity to paint/colour/decorate in any way they desire. The bird can then be sent via post to my studio to be hung as part of the installation along with other birds from the community.


Kids, adults, crafters & artists unite!  

Would you like to send your creativity soaring out into the world to be part of a growing sculpture? Together we can build something from within our homes to share with others also participating from their homes. Set your creativity free beyond the confines of your isolation and join a growing collection of birds from people around your neighbourhood, city…or maybe even the world! Let’s watch it grow together,

everyone is welcome!

Sign up here to receive your bird stencil & instructions today

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