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School Holiday Journaling!

I've discovered that the best time for me to consistently journal is during the school holidays, which has surprised me really! You would assume that school holidays mean that the kids are around always needing to be entertained and FED!........however for my family it seems to be a time when the lack of routine lends itself to freeing up our creative muses!

Miss child number 1 has moulded herself amongst pillows and books taking a well earned peaceful rest-fest, Miss child number 2 has busied herself creating a myriad of amazing things with cardboard boxes & a glue gun and Mr Child number 3 has just about re-designed the Euro rail system through his (and his dads) ever growing collection of model trains!.....

.....Although the furniture in the lounge room has been piled virtually on top of each other to provide space for railroads & cardboard creations (with a sleeping, reading smooching teenager on top of the pile)...I have been lucky enough to spill my journaling supplies across any flat surface available and have my creative juices flow amongst the relatively quiet goings on in our home! (Sshhhhh.. Tell no one or I'm likely to jinx my good fortune!)

How do you art journal/write/dream?

Whatever your creative muse (we all have them in some form), can you tap into it easily or do you find life getting in the way?

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