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Maharishi School Artist Residency

Applying grout to tile mosaic for Maharishi School

During 2012 I was fortunate enough to spend 2 terms as the ‘Artist in Residence’ working with the children at the Maharishi School.


In the 4th Term we took on the mammoth task of making a 3m x 2.5m mosaic mural for the school. These photos show the journey from initial design & planning through to final grouting. The mural is made of 17 individual pieces which made handling much easier for the children (and me!!...considering we didn’t always have favourable weather to work outside!).


The finished piece is proudly mounted at the school entrance.


I would like to make a special mention to 'The Tile people in Eltham' who donated most of the tiles used in this project!

Puzzle by numbers
Enlisted help
Concept magnified!
Introducing our project
Selecting tiles
Selecting tiles
Tiles ready to use
Rewarded with a smile
Applying tiles
Starting to come together
Muse and apprentice, Harry
All finished!
All finished!
Finished tree knot
Finished owl
Finished dove
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