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Helen Platania Profile Picture

Helen Platania.



I am a self-taught exhibiting & comissioned Mixed Media artist, living in Melbourne, where I work from my home studio. I have been a member of ‘TAM’ (A female group of exhibiting visual artists) since 2012.

Inspired by the female face, I’m a lover of exploring the corners of the mind and the things you find there.

I run creative classes & workshops for both women and children, including school holiday workshops at ‘Art Angels and Crafty Cats’ and have held Artist in Residency positions at local primary schools.

I work regularly with local council on Arts events, and facilitate grant driven initiatives such as 'Creative Time Out'- an 8 week art program for mothers of Autistic children.


Curriculum Vitae

Artwork titled "Learning Curves" by Helen Platania

2010 - present

2010 - present

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